Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery

Enhance Your Look & Appearance With Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery

The demand for nose job (Rhinoplasty) is growing in Singapore, with increasing numbers seeking plastic surgeons for nose surgery.  Year after year, Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in Singapore.


Nose surgery, or Rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is done to alter and enhance the look of the nose. This surgical procedure is done for the correction and improvement of your nose appearance. It can correct nose that is too large or wide, or appear crooked, or has a distinct bump on top. It also improve the proportions and balance of the nose, making your nose more aesthetic looking.

For most Asian, the nose tend to be more flat. With rhinoplasty, the nose can be improved by raising the bridge and refining the tip. Using implants with cartilage grafts or cartilage alone, our rhinoplasty specialist surgeon can augment your nose and improve your nose profile while retaining a natural appearance.

Our skilled plastic surgeons in Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic will discuss your desired goal and expected outcome for the rhinoplasty and then propose a personalize plan to help you create result that look natural and blend with the contours of your face.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, rhinoplasty also corrects real medical issues. Patients with breathing issues due to deviated septum or breathing difficulty related to previous injury seek rhinoplasty surgery to help improve their breathing and function of the nose. It’s not necessarily about vanity –  rhinoplasty also increase their exercise tolerance and could also enhance their sleep substantially. Men and women seek corrective and aesthetic procedures in equal numbers and across all age groups.


When undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, you must understand a nose surgery will alter the appearance of your face. At Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic, our surgeons also recommend rhinoplasty patient to be at least 16 years old, whereby the nose has already been fully developed and hence able to achieve the best possible results.

It probably won’t change your voice if you go to the right, experienced doctor. Some doctors will tell you that your voice may change due to rhinoplasty – if done correctly that is NOT true!

Undergoing any type of plastic surgery is daunting because you can’t always know exactly what the results will be, but it’s heartening to know that rhinoplasty is less of a cookie cutter results procedure than it had been in the past. Today’s rhinoplasty takes a more conservative approach than it did years ago and a plastic surgeon is less likely to over-correct a nose, giving you the best version of yourself.

The main reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty are to change the shape of your nose, improve your breathing or a combination of the two. This surgical procedure not only changes your appearance, but it can also boost your confidence level.


How Rhinoplasty Surgery Work

Open Rhinoplasty Technique

Most of the plastic surgeons prefer the open rhinoplasty technique because they can gain a better view and better access to the inside of the nose. The incision using this approach is typically made on the skin between the nostrils or under the nose near the nostrils. Once the incision is made, the skin is moved back to allow access to the internal structures. The incision lines are fairly small and are usually less than 3mm. They heal nicely and scars will be barely visible.

Closed Rhinoplasty Technique

The closed rhinoplasty approach is used on noses that have features that are easily corrected. This technique is commonly used by the surgeons when the tip of the patient’s nose has good shape and is not too long, too wide, over or under projected. The incision using this approach is hidden inside the nostril and hence will not be visible after surgery.


What To Expect During and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia and may take up to 2 to 3 hours to complete.

You can usually go home after the procedure. You will wear a nose splint and will experience more discomfort than pain especially the 1st week after surgery. There will be swelling and possibly bruising around your nose and eyes. The soreness may last for a few days after the surgery.

By the fifth day, the bandages and splint will be removed and your nose will look normal. Most patients are able to appear in public comfortably after 10 days. However the bruise may take a longer time to subside. For some patients, their bruise and facial swelling may take more than a few weeks to completely subside and disappear. As swelling and bruising decreases nasal breathing starts to normalise.



It’s more affordable than you think. Rhinoplasty won’t cost you a brand new car or a down payment on a house in Singapore. Rhinoplasty is a highly tailored cosmetic surgery, therefore the average cost for a rhinoplasty surgery will vary depending on the aesthetic goals of an individual. The cost will also depend on the type of functional corrections needed to be made. Some rhinoplasty procedures may involve just the bone while others may also involve skin grafting and cartilage reconstruction. The average cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore range from $7000 to $12000.


Rhinoplasty may also be done in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery procedures like blepharoplasty (eyelid or eye lift surgery), facelift, brow lift or other facial procedure.

Rhinoplasty can change your appearance and the function of your nose for the better. Because it has such a major impact on your looks, it’s crucial to consult with a highly skilled & experienced plastic surgeon and make sure you share the same aesthetic goal.

If you are considering Rhinoplasty nose job surgery, please contact us to schedule appointment to discuss your desired goal with one of our rhinoplasty specialist doctors in Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic.